• artist statement

    I’m a painter. To create colourful fluidity I set up environments to cascade fluorescent water over surfaces and capture the sediment.


    I take abandoned buildings or spaces, flood all surfaces and inject rooms full of suspended paint. I sculpt objects by carving through colourful paintings hovering themfrom ceilings.


    Pinched sculptures imbued in colour; dangled fromradiators, tucked under beams, flicked at the wall, scurrying on the floor and floating above the door.


    Snap shots of sediment are brushed and sprayed to makethe picture planeshimmer and shift. The synthetic pop of a Bermuda short palette is diffused with Santa Monica sunsets and brushstrokes dripping in rainbows.

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    CRISIS CHATS a Publication by Auxiliary and Navigator North

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    Somewhere Between Reality and ObscuritY


    Jarvis Brookfield | Hannah Campion | Lisa Denyer | Parham Ghalamdar | Juliet E P Gibbs | Sarah Gilman | Timothy Hon Hung Lee | Ellen Ranson | Irina Razumovskaya | Joanna Whittle | Jodie Wingham | Rafal Zajko

    Excerpt from curatorial statement

    by Garth Gratrix

    ....... We then come to see works by Hannah Campion. An artist who has a broad set of brushstrokes in the way colour and concept bleed into our lives through various means cascading, sculpting, injecting and immersing us within paradise like hues. You can feel a line of enquiry running throughout the work as if each piece feeds or is directly pulled, torn from the other in an ongoing investigation into colour and space.


    You feel a sense of intuition and process in the works with Campion almost being a facilitator of the potentiality of paint as a collaborative process with to that of the artists hand or intention.


    The viewer receives an invitation to actively generate ideas beyond having something depicted to you; we perhaps experience something as much as seeing it as the works emote and shimmer.


    As bold as the colour spectrum is in her work there are moments of whimsy, vulnerability and ephemerality; ending the exhibition with works that invite you off the canvas onto multiple surfaces and perspectives. We are compelled to psychologically inject colour into our everyday and imagine how we see our world developing more dynamically.


    - Garth Gratrix 


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    curatorial statement in full

    By Garth Gratrix