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    Hannah completed Foundation at Cleveland College before graduating from Loughborough University with her BA Fine Art Painting. Returning to the North East post graduation Hannah worked as a tutor for CCAD and Teesside University. In 2012 Hannah received a scholarship to study her MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art London; graduating in 2013.



    Hannah’s work has been featured in the Guardian, The Telegraph + Wall Street International Magazine. Exhibitions include London, Berlin, New York, Singapore + Kuala Lumpur. Collections include Smurfit, AstraZeneca + Charnwood Borough Council.



    Image credits: "Painting II". Installation photograph from Taint Exhibition April 2014 courtesy the artist and GRAD Gallery.

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    My paintings activate and occupy space; walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and air become charged with tension creating a form of drawing choreographed in space. Every decision involves the repair and transformation of a material, the trust that the work will sit in a particular way or grip onto a particular surface.


    I carefully reconstruct my aluminium, canvas or paper paintings whilst gathering materials, objects and paint to combine to make new structures. I set up conditions to explore unusual ways of mixing and distributing paint into, onto and through the structures. Pieces pour off walls onto the floor, both visually and physically and take over architectural spaces.


    I make intuitive drawings from pieces which inform subsequent work which is a process driven by attempting to look at and understand a piece. Nothing is fixed until it intuitively looks right and anything in the studio can be used as a material or a support. This process of transformation from original is significant. This lack of preciousness frees my earlier constraints and blurs the lines between drawing, installation, object, painting and sculpture.

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